Auto Insurance

“Lock In” your auto insurance rate with Erie Insurance’s “Rate Lock” endorsement.  Your insurance premium is guaranteed* not to go up!! Even with an “at-fault” accident your premium will not go up.  Contact one of our representatives for more information and “Lock In” your auto insurance rate.

Are you looking for quality, affordable auto insurance? Then look no further. The Perzel Insurance Agency will provide you with just that. We will shop your insurance needs and provide you with quotes from some of the country’s major auto insurance carriers. We are very proud to represent Erie Insurance Group as our premier company.

At The Perzel Insurance Agency we strive to supply you with as many options as possible; thus enabling our comprehensive insurance strategies to provide you with the opportunity to custom build a policy that meets all of your requirements for auto insurance no matter what state you live in.

We understand that all of these options can sometimes be overwhelming , you want to make sure that you’re fully covered for a variety of auto risks—yet you want to keep premiums and expenses in mind. That’s why our agents are dedicated to helping you find the best auto insurance solution.

Auto and Home Multi-Policy Discounts available…Save even more when you do a Life Insurance Policy!

Call us or fill out the form with any and all of your questions regarding Erie auto insurance and beyond! Our expert agents look forward to helping you find the most affordable auto insurance quotes!



* Certain Restrictions Apply